Milwaukee Road "Media Monitor"

[Milt Clark Collection]
  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company  

Media Monitor was Milwaukee Road's regular newsletter regarding ongoing published materials regarding the Milwaukee, reorganization, regulation, and the rail industry in general. This research tool permits a more general look at the rail industry outside of the Milwaukee's immediate concerns, but events which were affecting or potentially affecting Milwaukee Road's reorganization. As noted, these are from the "Milt Clark Collection" as Milt generously donated these for scanning.

Media Monitor June 9, 1982.  Canadian National Railways announces effort to acquire Milwaukee Road through Grand Trunk Subsidiary. Also, "Recession Rides SP's Rails."

Media Monitor, June 18, 1982. "Milwaukee Sale to Grand Trunk Opposed." "Merger Plan Criticized." "Central Wisconsin Railroad Expanding," "Increased Bankruptcies of Trucking Companies Under Motor Carrier Deregulation Act of 1980," "DOT Chief's Style Makes Inroads," "Dakota Rail News," "Rail Mergers Pick up Steam Across Nation."

Media Monitor, July 9, 1982. "Judge Bars Union from Repeating BN Strike," "Future of Minnesota Rail Lines Rest with Amendment," "BN Seeks to Abandon Tracks," "Conrail to Lay Off 2,000 Employees," "Lean Milwaukee Awaits Merger," "Rail Plan Moves Ahead," "Stockholders Fight Sale of Milwaukee Road," "Grand Trunk to Proceed with Bid," "CN Gets Milwaukee," "BN Studying Move from St. Paul,"  "William Johnson and the Illinois Central Gulf," "BN Employees Picket Dinner," "Grain Shippers Worried by BN Rate Increase."

Media Monitor, July 21, 1982, "Milwaukee to Purchase Rock Island Tracks," "Milwaukee Sells South Dakota Mileage," "Milwaukee Sells Iron Mountain Line," "Wausau Tomahawk Line Upgrade," "CNW Reports Loss," "Milwaukee Road Finds a Home -- Trains Magazine," "South Dakota Rail Gamble Paid Off," "Iowa Railroad Off to Good Start," "Santa Fe Hoping Coal Venture Pays Off," "Pressler Worried about BN Plans," "CNW Layoffs," "Court Blocks Santa Fe Strike."

Media Monitor, August 5, 1982. "Wisconsin DOT Protests MILW Wisconsin abandonment plans," "RTA Budgets for Milwaukee Road Taekwover," "Making Rail Tracks Like New," "Milwaukee Closing Sale on South Dakota Lines," "Good for South Dakotans," "Trucking Industry runs into Giant Pothole," "DOT Opens Most Roads to Twin-trailer Trucks," "Slurry Backers Outfox the Rails," "President Blocks Second Rail Strike Threat," "Norfolk Southern Cites Recession," "Southern Pacific Plans Layoffs," "Rail Operations Boost Santa Fe Net,"

Media Monitor, August 12, 1982. "Railroad can accept late Payment for Minneapolis Depot," "Some Backpay for Milwaukee Railroaders," "Michigan Delays Ferry Decision," "Fare Cut for Milwaukee Road Commuters," MILW Grand Trunk Routing Introduced," "Spur Tracks Scheduled for Removal," "Holding Company Sought Milwaukee Bankruptcy," "Santa Fe to Cut Spending 30%," "Railroading in Iowa," "CNW Access to Wyoming Coal."

Media Monitor, August 19, 1982. "Milwaukee Grand Trunk Pact OK'd," "Council Bluffs Sale Approved," "RTA to Run MILW Lines," "ICC Slates Rail Merger Conference," "BN Lays Off 350," "BC to Electrify Coal Branch," "Rail Chief Would Brave Strike for Concessions," "ICC Rules on Costs for Rails."

Media Monitor, August 27, 1982. "Milwaukee Buys 98 Miles of Rock Island," "Grand Trunk Signs Deal to Acquire Milwaukee," "Milwaukee plans sale of Commuter Line," "GT/Milwaukee Launch Fast Service," "Prince Rupert Port Plans Move Ahead," "RTA to Take Over Milwaukee October 1," "RTA's Growing Empire," "Budget Scam," "Russians Agree to Extend Gain Pact," "Powder River: a Fight Both Railroads Could Lose," "Economy Sours BN's Fortunes," "BN Coal Loading Sets Record."

Media Monitor, September 3, 1982. "Gains Seen in RTA Takeover," "Milwaukee Completes Purchase of Iowa Track," "Milwaukee Road Workers to Get RTA Passes," "RTA Outlines Takeover at Milwaukee Rd," "Railroads Ready for Bumper Crop," "Ferry May Fizzle," "Family Lines System Closes for the Weekend," "Southern Pacific Prepares for Recovery," "Who Needs Merger? -- Kansas City Southern," "House Passes Rail Service Bill," "Acute Canadian Problems,"

Media Monitor, September 15, 1982. "Soo Line Offers to Purchase 650 miles of RI Track," "Milwaukee to Lease 210 coal cars," "Firms Agree on Pipeline, to be on MILW ROW," "Wirth Offers to Sell Part of His Interest in Minneapolis Depot Project," "Lower Fares Seen with Milwaukee-RTA Pact," "RTA Takeover to Speed Improvements," "Huge UP Merger may benefit Rio Grande," "Santa Fe May Oppose Merger," "CN/CP agree to Joint Purchase of Conrail Canadian Assets," "ICC Approves Western Rail Merger," "ICC Approves Disputed Merger," "UP Ruling May Hike Merger Activity," "Bill Clearing Way for Coal-Slurry Pipelines," "The Boxcar: It's a Dinosaur," "Truck Firms Face Hard Road," "ICC  Rules on Status of Staggers Act,"

Media Monitor, September 24, 1982. "Soo Line Bids on RI tracks," "MILW Leases Coal Cars," MILW Road Riders get 16% Fare Cut," "Wirth Gets Fifth Delay on Depot Purchase," "Soo Bid Cheers Iowa Grain Dealers," "Soo Line and CW Vie for Iowa Lines," "New Offer for Iowa Lines," "CNW Asks for Help," "Why the Trains Ran Late," "Iowa Rail Traffic Cut by Three Fourths," "These Pipelines Should Stay Closed," "Nationwide Rail Strike," "MILW RR Selling Off Everything," "With Strike, Rail Service Limps Along in Wisconsin," "Milwaukee Road ROW on Sixteen Mile Creek Disputed."

Media Monitor, October 4, 1982. "West Iowa Businesses Buy 100 Miles of Milwaukee Track," "Railroad Service Ordered Continued," Madison to Janesville Abandonment Blocked," "Wisconsin Western RR Chief Optimistic," "Wirth's Deadline Payment," "Wirth Has Partners, Needs More Time," "BN in Fight for Survival," "Truckers Should Boost Safety," "Truck Train Groups Study Collisions," "US Fights for Soviet Grain Sales," "Industrywide Union Rail Pacts Near the End of the Line," "Canada is Much More than US Attic," "Transportation Board Speaks Out on Perils," "Judge Grants Delay in 650 Rock Island Abandonment," "Rails Stand to Gain in Piggyback Market," "Illinois Central Discontinues Roadrailer Service," "Railroad, Milwaukee, National Engineers Strike," "Iowa Railroads at Near Standstill,"

Media Monitor, October 21, 1982. "Final Spike Driven in MILW RR Rehab Project," "Railroads Lukewarm to Rail Repair Proposals," "Nelson Urges Vote to Save the Rails," "Soo Offers to buy Rock Island Track in Iowa," "Spot Track of Drunk Engineers," "BN Proposes Coal Rate Increase," "Soviets OK Big Canada Grain Deal," "Reagan Admin Blasted for Dragging Feet on RR Deregulation," "Rail Traffic Hit Hard by Economic Slowdown," "Analysts Say Unions Won Contract Negotiations," "CSX CEO Says Government Key Partner," "CSX Announces Seaboard Merger," "MILW Renovation of Austin to Jackson Line Completed," "Rail Line from Wausau to Tomahawk Upgraded," "MILW/Grand Trunk Combination Beneficial to Katy," "MILW/Grand Trunk Maneuvers,"  "Fighting Competition to RR Coal Haulage," "BN to Cut 1,800 Positions (4%)," "Railroader Service to Debut in NY State," "Why SP Uncoupled a Winner (Sprint)," "Speculation Rife on SP," "KCS Net Fell 28% in Quarter," "MIRC Holds Missing Locomotives," "Quebec's Ready for Business," "Canada US Trucking Permits," IEA Fears Rerun of Oil Crisis,"

Media Monitor, October 28, 1982. MILW Largest Track Co-op at Winnebago," "Completion of Austin-Jackson Ry Project," "Oppenheimer Group Increases Ownership Stake in CMC," "Shippers Buy RR Line, Council Bluffs East," "BN Wants to Buy Omaha Line," "Wirth Misses Final Deadline," "Highway Costs Not Evenly Distributed," "Rail Strike Hits CNW," "Amtrak Gets Accord with Engineers," "Debate on Trucks," "Lewis High on Future of Deregulated Rails," "Engineer Denies Yielding Throttle," "97th Congress, Rail Strikes, Coal Slurry Pipelines," "Highway Funding Bill Passed," "Officials Fear Train Accidents Will Increase," "SD Has No Plans to Buy More Track," "CNW Must Pay BN To Enter Powder River Basin," "Port Closures in Canada Hurt Rails," "Pipelines Might Get Second Look," "Schultz Seeks to Improve Tattered Canadian Ties."

Media Monitor, November 5, 1982. "Decisions Made on Rail Spur Action," "Grain Cars Idle," "GT-Conrail Dispute Goes to Court," "No More CN Cash for Cast," "A Canadian Rail Boost," "ICC Sets Terms for CNW Access to Powder River Line," "SP Begins Work on California Intermodal Terminal," "Coordinated Rail Service is Proposed," "Federal Coal Slurry Pipeline Actions," "Teamsters May Test Mopac-UP Link," "BN Keeping Headquarters in St. Paul," "Philadelphia's Commuter Rail Deadlock Reflects Contrail Problems."

Media Monitor, November 16, 1982. "Milwaukee Road Employes Improve Line, Boost Economy,"  Engineer Drunk in Rail Mishap," Amtrak BLE sign Breakthrough Agreement," "Milwaukee asks to Abandon Beloit, Madison Lines," BN Contests ICC Order to Sell half of Powder River Line," "Rails Ask Permission to Pool Box Cars," "Harvester to Unveil New High Efficiency truck," Corn Rises on Rumors of Soviet Purchases," "Grain and Rails Come Together Again in Aberdeen," "Rumors Spur KC Southern Stick," Pullman May Resume Production of Piggyback Cars," IC to Cut Back 1983 Spending," "Iowa RR Mentioned In Rail Line Merger Proposal," N&W Wins Antitrust Suit," "Unions Bid to Acquire Contrail," "Off the Track: Deregulation, Lower Income, Captive Shippers, Recession," "Appeals Court drops Rio Grande Suit over UP Merger," "Canada in Trouble, Blames Trudeau," "Canada's FIRA Projecting Less Nationalistic Image."

Media Monitor, November 24, 1982. "Rail Abandonment Decision Two Weeks Away," "State Grain Haulers Allowed Heavier Loads," "On Wisconsin, State DOT Appointments," "US Transport Sector Needs $300 Billion," "Prosecutors Probe Actions at Southern," "Chamber Makes Transport Proposals," "Rock Offers 90 cents on Each Tax Dollar," "Council Refuses Offer to Join Wirth," "How the Rails are Staying on Track," "Five Cents More for a Gallon of Gas?," "Handling of Rail Chemical Spill Praised," "Engineer of ill-fated Train no Stranger to Trouble," "Marketing Moxie Keeps Conrail Alive," "CSX Undertakes Abandonment Study," "Canada Lumber Loses Round,"

Media Monitor, December 12, 1982. Million Dollars to be Spent in Upgrade to Branch Rail Line (Milbank to Sisseton)," "Editorial -- Another Hostage? Barge and Towing Bastard children," "ICC to Rule on Amount CNW owes MILW for Use of Lines," "Rebuilt CNW Toasting Ten Year Road to Recovery," "New Management Sparks CNW Decade of Growth," "CNW to Lay Off 1,000," "Santa Fe Realigns Top Management," "BN's Move Signals Chicago Rail Slide," "Merger Delay Request Dropped by DRGW," "Conrail Should Pass '83 Profitability Test," "Rock Island Trustee Cleared to Pay Creditors," "Amtrak Agreement for Fewer Conductors," "MCI Fiber Optic Agreement with Amtrak."

Media Monitor, December 9, 1982. "Refurbished Railroad Boon to Farms, Austin to Jackson," "Senate Panel OKs 5 cent Gas Tax Hike," "Gas Tax Will Raise Rates for Biggest Trucks," "CNW Deliberately Downgraded Line," "Truck Size Grows with Gas Tax," "Canadian :Lumber Harming U.S. Products," "Conrail Files Appeal in Grand Trunk Case," "Black Porters Win Pay from Union," "Historical Society Buys MILW RR Depot," "Railbox Seeks to Avoid Default," "Canadian National Reports Losses," "BN Rejects $76 Million for Powder River Line," "Coal Slurry Lines Drawn for Battle."

Media Monitor December 22, 1982. "Ogilvie Given Authority to Draw Down Property Sale Funds," "Transportation Bill Sent to Reagan," "Study Back High Speed Train, Milwaukee to Chicago," "Wisconsin Trucker out of Business," "Sabula Chlorine Derailment MILW Rd Train," "Rail Contract Rates-- Pitfalls or Panaceas?" "Seaway's Rescue from Debt Hailed," "Gasoline Tax Could Include Reductions for Heavy Truckers," "A Trade-off for the Truckers," "BN Seeks Majority Interest in Texas Gas Supplier," "Bribes Just a Rebate -- ICC Official," "Railbox," "BN Seeks South Dakota Trackage Rights Exemption," "Taylor Urges Abolition of ICC," "Illinois Central Gulf Expects to Post Loss," "RTA Federal Funds Restored," "Slurry Bill Stalls," "Canadian National Investment In CAST a mistake," "Mexican Crop Failure will Fatten Debt," "Central Vermont Crew Pact Improves Rail Service," "Canada's Anger at Acid Rain Grows,"

Media Monitor, December 28, 1982. "Grand Trunk Nighthawk Success," "MILW Switching Service Changes at Merrill," "Railroads Merge after Stay Denied -- UP, WP, MoPac," "Benefits Approved for Rock Island Employees," "Smaller Milwaukee Road Gains Efficiency," "BN Fights Evasive El Paso," "Bigger Heavier Trucks OK'd," "Transport Reforms may Suffer if Lewis Leaves Post," "Railroads -- Interview with John Fishwick," "Rail Equipment, Builders Leaving Market,"

Jim Scribbins' letter that his position had been abolished and he was returning to his clerk's seniority roster in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1982-12-28

Media Monitor, January 10, 1983. "Wirth Might Get Another Crack at Milwaukee Minneapolis Depot," "Chessie Opens Rail Service Center," "The End of Harry Wirth's Deport Dream," "UP Appoints Officers to Two Rail Units," "Leaner Milwaukee to Make the Grade?," "Tracking Milwaukee's Pioneer Rails in Iowa -- who removes the rail crossings on abandoned lines?," "BN Opposes Another Car Pooling plan," "Railroads View New Truck Regs with Concern," "Earl Shuns Tokenism at the Top," "Boston and Maine Reorganization Plan Approved by Court,"  BN Transport Expands Service," "Soo Line Argues for Continued Regulation of Sunflower Shipping," "Northeast Rail Walkout Possibility," "Court Backs ICC on Rules Relieving States of Duty to Protect Employees on Abandoned Rail Lines Acquired," "ICC Adopts Rules Restricting RR rights to operate as Trucking Companies," "ICC Eases Restrictions on Railroads Owning Trucking Companies."

Media Monitor. January 20, 1983. "GT's Nighthawk Flies off with the Business," "MILW to offer 90% on Taxes," "Rock Island Files Plan to Pay All Claims, Interest," "Southern Pacific Expands Portland Intermodal Facility," "ICC Maps Rail Pact Rule Change -- to Operate under Contracts," "82 Was Tough on Railroads, MILW Reorg Continues," "Truck Tax, Decontrol Intertwined," "Conrail Entices Shippers with Boxcar Refund Plan," "Railbox Derailed," "Rails Urged to Retail Piggyback Service," "Harvester, City of Rock Island to Sign Bond Issue Agreement," "Polk Accept Rock Island Tax Offer," "Grain Business Slack for New Iowa RR," "ICC Won't Bring Canadian Govt into GT/MILW Case," "Iowa RR Picture may come into Focus in 1983," "Supreme Court Denies RR Petition to Postone UP/MoPac Merger," "Chessie Replies to Conrail Protest," "ICC Rejecgts Bids, Rail Merger Final," "Sluggish Growth Seen for Rails," "New Truck Laws may cut Rail Trade 5%," "Maglev into Chicago?" "El Paso Accepts BN Bid."

Media Monitor, January 28, 1983. "New Rail Terminal in Chicago May Speed Trucking," "Soo Line Income Sinks 58%," "US on Canadian Timber Binge,"  "Lumber Tariffs May Reverse Trend," "MCI Orders 62,000 Miles of Optical Fiber for Network," "MILW freight cars Plunge Into River," "BN Plans $75 million Yard at Galesburg," "Return of Killer Trucks," "Two MoPac Directors Join UP Board," "Railroads Impact on Trucking -- allowed to Own own Trucking Companies," "As Trucks Rumble Roads Crumble," "Kansas Rail Yard Upgraded," "MILW working on Tax Bills," "Rails Urged to Retail Piggyback Service," "The Union Pacific Merger; Done!", "Truckers Run into New Roadblocks," "Coal Transportation Firm Sues CSX," "Canadian Invasion Puts C&NW On Rougher Road," "Plan Sees Sale this Year of Rock Tracks in Iowa,"

Media Monitor, February 4, 1983. "Developer Found for Vacant Southport Ave. Milwaukee Road Bldg," "The Winning Combination. Far Better Far Faster, Gateway Network, Grand Truck Milwaukee System" Advertisement, "Canada Seeks Boost in Freight Rates on Grain," "Free Market Cracks the ICC Dam," -- Letter Alfred Kahn to WSJ, "IC Industries Profits fell 43% in 4th Q," "Farmers Reclaim old Rail Land," "ICG Exec Goes Full Steam on Coal," "New Bill to Give ROW to Pipelines," "Flexibility Key to Rail Marketing," "Fight Renewed to Extent Eminent Domain to Coal Slurry Pipelines," "Next Move in Rate Fued Will Follow Filing, Chessie v Conrail," "Reregulate Rates for Captive Shippers," "Canada Announces Major Rail Overhaul," "Canada's Farmers to start Paying the Freight on Grain,"  "Canada Big Rail Investments,"

Media Monitor, February 17, 1983. "Some of Storm's Effects Around State," "CP Rail Sees CN as Party to GTW Acquisition Case," "Madison to Janesville Rail Sale in Limbo," "MILW Stalled Takeover, State Claims," "Court Approves MILW Tax Plan," "Top Execs appointed at Soo Line," "BN Shelves Grain Pool Plan," "Road Railer, BN Discuss New Service," "El Paso Antitrust Investigation Ended," CNW Posts 4th Q Losses," CNW Buying RI Trackage," "NW, Rock Agree on Track Sale," "ICC Opens Gateway to DRG on MoPac Track acquisition," "CNW Receives OK to Cut Elgin-Crystal Lake Line," "CNW Wins Twin Cities Kansas City Rail Route from RI, Soo Line other Bidder," "IDOT Panel Opposes Abandonment of Rail Line to Buckingham Elevator," "SP Offers Lower Rate to Frozen Foods," "Panel Kills Second Slurry Bill," "Soviets Grain Prospects Brightening," "Union Maps Strike Against Conrail," "Detroit Chicago High Speed Rail Might Mean More Jobs," "No Verdict Yet on US Soviet Grain Accord,"  "Rails Paper Profit May Rise 20% if ICC Changes Track Accounting Method," "Major Regulatory Agencies Facing More Cuts in '84," "Bigger Trucks are Coming," "Canadian Farmer's Train Pact Derailed," "Truck Length Victor, Loser in Committees," "Truckers Say Strike is Ending," "Congress Can't Cave to Trucker Pressure," "Killer Trucks Indeed," "Truck Sizes Don't Imperil People."

Media Monitor, February 26, 1983. "Wirth's Option on Minneapolis Depot Expired Friday," "Supervisors Join Try for Milwaukee Taxes," "Wirth Says Depot Sale Necessary to Pay Debts," "Grand Trunk Changes Pricing Policies," "Interline Changes Payoff for Rail, Milwaukee Leader," "Judge Blocks Latest Depot Plan," "California S&L May Take Over Depot Project," "Rail Abandonment Haring Delayed," "Rock Island Sale of 720 miles of Iowa Track to CNW Advances," "Settlement Proposed for Rock Island," "DOT Officials Seek to Block Iowa Rail Sale," "Rail Purchase Despicable Act," "Chessie Hits Conrail Rates," "BN Negotiating Traffic Rights to Buffalo, NY," "Mergers, Route Closings Pose Threat to Santa Fe," "BN Senior Notes Downgraded by Moody's,"  "New System Could Reduce Rail's Empty Miles," "Strike Widens Railroad, Truck Industry Rift," "Reagan Issues Order to Avert Rail Strke," "ICC May Eye Rail Rates Proof Issue for Shippers," "ICC Sets Bankrupt Line Rules," "ICC Deregulates Boxcar Rail Freight and Coal Export," "New Law may alter ICC Interpretation of Feeder Rail Rules," "US Coal Executive says: Don't be Captive Shipper," "Battle Expected on Truck Length," "Rail Giants not Ready to Move into Trucking."

Media Monitor. March 16, 1983. "Future of Milwaukee Road in Intermodal Shipping and Merger," "Elkhorn Hurt by Rail Loss," "FRA Grant for Rehab for former MILW line north of Green Bay,"  "Smith Touts Milwaukee's Future," "Rail Project Advancing -- E&LS Ry," "Mosinee Depot Reaches End of Line," "Amtrak is on the Right Track," "CN Ry Counts on Less Revenue from Cast Group,"  "CN 1982 Loss was $223 Million," "CN Official Stresses Survival Tactics," "BN Closes Prairie du Chien Office," "Dispute over CN Control of Cast; ICC Probe Likely," "GE and BN aim for Coal-fired Locomotive," "Competition Looms for BN on Powder River Route," "BN Sues State over Taxes," "New BN Access to Buffalo Could affect Duluth," "Southern may move HQ to Atlanta," "Brisk Canadian Upswing Seen in 1984," "NS to Buy 5.01% of Santa Fe," "Norfolk Southern -- Santa Fe Deal Sparks Transcontinental Rail Talk," "Manly, Iowa Plots Revival, Pulls for Soo Line," "Rail Routing Row Goes Nationwide as Shippers Seek ICC Intervention," "Soo Line Seeks State Financing to Bid on Iowa Track," "Fuel Prices Bring Down Rail Costs," "North Western Hampering New Iowa RR," "ICC Deregulates Coal, Boxcar RR Rates," "Contracted Rail Loads not Large," "RR Employees to Get US Rule Governing Alcohol and Drug Abuse," "ICC Redrafts Rail Measure Exemption some Commodities," "Court Challenges Expected,"  "Congress Weighs Laws to Allow Rail Truck Links," "Federal Pressure Rolls Into State, Bigger Trucks Likely Result."

Media Monitor, March 23, 1983. "Iowa Accepts Tax Settlement," "Consultant Says Grossman best alternative to Grand Ave," "CNW Likely to Cut Loss," "Walworth Join Transit Group," "No Supreme Court Review for Rail, Truck Cases," "Soo may get State Assist for RI Trackage," "CNW Wins Ruling to Purchase 720 miles of Rock Island," "Wyoming Supreme Court Rules in Favor of CNW," "ICC To Rule on Soo Line/CNW fight for Line between Twin Cities and Kansas City," "CNW and Soo Line in Bidding War," "North Western Wins War for Rock Island Track," "CNW to Begin Powder River Connector Line," "BN Sets Expansion Plan for Reloads," "Bidding War for Iowa Trackage Erupts," "CNW Rail Chief Appalled, Assails Iowa for Interference," "Good News on Conrail," "CNW Petition on MILW/Grand Trunk Merger Dismissed," "UP Merger Called Unlike Any Other," "ICC to Address of Levies on Empties," "ICC Drops All Rules on Railroad Bankruptcies," "Panel: Derail Drunk Trainmen," "Grains Surge," "Coal Slurry Back for Hearings," "Western Rail Dispute Intensifies," "Railroad, Shipper Concerns over Route Cancellations Grows," "RTA Ridership Plunges to All-time Low,"

Media Monitor, March 31, 1983. "Milwaukee Road Maps Debt Plan," "Milwaukee Road says Trustee to Settle Debts Up to $75.5 Million," "Chlorine Institute to File ICC Complaint re: cancellations of through routes, joint rates, recip switching," "Conrail Claims Reforms Boosted Grain Traffic," "Railroad's Future in Iowa," "Bidding War for Rock Tracks In Iowa Breaks Out," "Norfolk Finds the Way to Santa Fe," "Rock Island Trustee Cleared to Pay Claims Early," ""RR Competition," :Let RR's Compete," "Soo Line Shelves Plan for Holding Co," "$0% Cut in Iowa Corn Acreage Seen from Corn Swap," "Deere Announces New Backhoe Line in Dubuque," "Two More Shippers Groups Join Rail Rate Protest," "Trucks that become Trains," "New Mississippi Lock on Target for 1988," "US Rail Rules Catch BC Firms," "Debt Programs Aired by Milwaukk Road."

Media Monitor, April 8, 1983. "Milwaukee Road Files Merger Plan," "Amended Reorganization Plan of Milwaukee, GTC Acquisition Plan, Filed," "Railroads of Future: Leaner, Faster, More Profitable," "Cuts Help Railroad," "Milwaukee Files Reorganization Plan," "Milwaukee Sets Bond Payment Plan," ""ICC BN Ruling upheld says CNW on Powder River," "CN Ry Posts Loss," "Milwaukee Road to become Subsidiary," "Rail Line to be Renovated," "Rail Plan Sets Special Rate on Milwaukee," "NITL Concerned Over Rail Balkanization," "Last Chance on Des Moines Rail Line," "Milwaukee, BN Set Joint Rates in Western Minnesota," "BN to run Grain Trains on Milwaukee Track," "Quad Cities Wonders who will Buy Track," "Conrail's Engineers Urged to Accept Pay 12% below Industry,"  "Wirth's Loan for Minneapolis Depot Approved," "BN Asks Union for Major Concessions," "Tax Free Rail Bond Bill Introduced into US Senate," "Appeals Court Overturns ICC Conrail Rate Ruling," "Northwestern Optimistic on Rail Traffic," "CNW Files Bid to buy 720 Mile RI Line," "SP Rate Cancellation Suspended by ICC, Controversy Heightens," "Iowans Map Plans to Buy Rock Track," "Group Prepares Bid for Rock's East-West Main Line," "Court Enjoins BN's tax Payment to Iowa," "Half of Corn, Wheat Fields Idle Under PIK," "PIK is No Solution," "Let Big Trucks use Roads," "US Grain Sales to Soviets May Slump 40% This Year," "Rail Decontrol Forces Shipper Agents to Adapt to Changing Marketplace," "Retired RR Employee Calls BN 'Corporate Terrorist.'"

Media Monitor, April 15, 1983. "Bondholders Approve B&M Reorganization Plan," "Milwaukee Road Completes Sale of $9.5 million Minneapolis Depot Site," "Chicago Milwaukee Railroad's Court Filings Point to Possible Lowering of its Assets' Value," "Canada Tries to Organize Lobby in U.S.,"  "Milwaukee Depot Sale Complete," "ICC Says Court Backs CNW Bid for Twin Cities Kansas City Bid," CNW Bid for RI Line accepted for ICC Review," "Rock asks  $84 million for Tracks," "Deregulation Now, Reregulation Next?" "Five RRs change Farm Goods Rates," "ATA Fights Rail Policy in Courts," "RR Consolidations, UP/MoPac, Milw/Grand Trunk," "CNW Annual Report 1982 comments on Deregulation."

Media Monitor, April 25, 1983. "Milwaukee Road Confirms Sale of Depot," "Wirth Must Have Cash Wednesday," "Wirth Says Depot Site is His," "ICC Rejects Milwaukee effort to Maintain Joint L&N Rates," "Wisconsin Rail Cutbacks to Continue," "CN to Sell Central Vermont Ry,"  "Rail Decisions: Letter to Editor," "Six Contrail Directors Reappointed," "DOT Won't Oppose Purchase of Rock track by North Western," "Rock Trustee Lowers Asking Price," "The New Big Four of Railroading," "Chase Lease Contrail Purchase Plan," "Conrail's Crane Calls for RR Innovation," "Coal Slurry Lines get Backing," "Pork Barrel Politics: Military Budget," "Impact of Canadian Rail Improvements seen Minimal on Grain Movements," "Railroad Pensions in Jeopardy," "Congress Considers Rail Pension Plans," "Trucks Overtake Toy Train Industry," "USDA Aims to Make Deregulation Work," "Wisconsin to take Truck Fight to Court if Needed," "State Fears US Truck Policy May Hurt Roads," "Mom, Pop Rail Line Succeeds." 

Media Monitor, May 2, 1983.  "Santa Fe Reports 6% Gains," "Milwaukee Road has Operating Profit," "Milwaukee Posts First Profits since 1972," "N&W Learns Hard Lesson in Getting Along in Coal Country," 'Canada Rails Agree to Buy Some of Conrail's Assets," "GTE Plan to Buy SP Communications," "Santa Fe May step up Merger Efforts," "UP Considers Chartering Ships for Coal Exports," "Soo Net Income Declines 58%," "Union Wins Freight Battle," "DOJ argues reject CNW Purchase of 720 Miles of RI, Urges Soo Line Purchase," "Rail Pension Bailout Draws Fire," "Power Officials Protest Coal Rate Hikes," "How Many Miles for Heavy Trucks,"  "Caterpillar Positioned to Recover after UAW Ratifies Contract," "Unions Enlist Chase in Fight for Conrail," "Milwaukee Cuts back on Diesel House (Milwaukee)," "Railroads Focusing on 3 Key Hill Issues," "US Soviet Talks on Grain Accord," "Corn Supplies at Record Levels," "USDA Nets Bushels," "Soo Line Bids $100 million for Rock Track."

Media Monitor, May 13, 1983. "Rail Purchase May Spark International Traffic, CNW Objects to MILW/GT Merger," "Milwaukee Road Expects Good Year," "Rails Warned Against Becoming Adversaries to their Customers, Comments by W.L. Smith," "Grand Truck Moves to Purchase Milwaukee," "CNW Hits ICC Ruling of CN Participation in MILW purchase," "CN Official denies Charges it Favors Cast," "New Life for Marion Rail Depot," "City Goes it Alone on Crossing Repairs," "Soo Line Wants Bidding for Rock Tracks Reopened," "Justice Dept. Favors Soo Line," "ICC Sets Bid Guidelines for GT/MILW bid," "State Rebuff Imperils Plan for Rock Tracks, Group Warns," "Firm Loses Attempt to Bar Soo's Offer," "Rio Grande Starts Utah Reroute Job," "MILW shows Profit," "BN Signs $400 Million Coal Pact," "Justice Drops Investigation of Boxcar Use," "CNW Ordered to Open Wisc. Terminal, Tracks to Soo Line Competition," "Firm Challenges Canada Southern Sale," "Milwaukee has Profit," "Lake Elmo Faces Prospect of Huge Lawsuit," "Sea-Land Rumor Ignites Canadian Speculation," "ICC Refuses to Dismiss Soo Line Bid," "CN Rail to Negotiate UTU Grievances," "Branstadt can divert Road Funds," "Decontrol of Boxcars Under Fire," "Experts Forecast General Decline in Boxcar Rates Under Decontrol," "Trucker Urges Elimination of Road Use Tax," "Super Trucks," "Rail Freight Journeys into New Era," "TAA Quits," "Open Access Network Key to Rail Decontrol," "PIK Delays cost Billions," "New Coalition calls for Weight-distance Tax on Heavy Trucks."

Media Monitor, June 10, 1983. "Court OKs Milw Bond Interest Payments," "Northwestern Threatens Cuts if Soo Gets Tracks," "NorthWestern or Soo for RI Line," "RR Revenues Dip 1.9%," "Farm Groups Fear Rail Decontrol Moves," "Railroaders Fight Slurry Legislation," "Miller Beer Strikers Run Huge Risk," "Northwestern Pacific Resuming Service with Surcharge," "Losses Increase Harnischfeger," "Waterway Users Hit Fee Plan," "Grain Elevator Officials back AGRI Board," "AGRI: No More Grain Shortages," "Agri's Admission it Took Grain it Didn't Own," "Two Utilities ask $44 Million Rate Boosts," "Congressional Tempers Flare over Decontrol of Rail Coal Rates," "Make Trucks Pay More," "Grain Shippers Strive to Keep Railroad Outlets Open," "Operation Lifesaver will meet in St. Paul," "Report says State Lost $8.5 Million in Truck Fees," "Soviet Grain Accord Unlikely to Change Much," "Coal Rail Rate Strategies Offered," "Move to Deregulate Coal Rates Generating Static on Capitol Hill," "Railroads Pushing States to Raise Taxes on Trucks," "Carriers Reclaim Railbox Cars," "Railroads Consider New Car Pooling Plan," "New Rail Cars may put Cattle Back on Tracks," "Rail Industry Hit with Anti-trust Suit," "Coal Slurry Pipelines Serve Public," "Canada to Restudy Joint Track Usage Plan," "Firm Hopes Boxcar Conversion May Set Trend (into container units)."

Media Monitor, June 17, 1983. "Milwaukee Road Debt Payment OK'd," "Milwaukee Train Cars just 'Busted Loose,'" "Wirth Says He Bought First St. Station," "Illinois Could be End of Line in Caboose Fight," "Legislation Encourages Coal Slurry Pipelines," "Railroads Freed to Compete for Business," "Conrail: Deregulated Road Fights for Business," "On Wisconsin: testing the hazard of bigger trucks," "Milwaukee Road Chemical cars Costly day in Muscatine," "Deal Made for Line Across Iowa," "Iowa Northern to seek State Aid to Buy Rail Link," "CSX Plans to Acquire Texas Gas," "Caboose: Long Tradition Nearing End of Line," "Conrail Employees Offer $500 Million for Railroad," "Unions Offer to Buy Conrail for $2 billion,  but US Sees Serious Problems with Bid," "Employees Plan for Contrail Concerns Crain," "Soviet Imports of US Grain Expected to Rise," "Rail Industry Retiree System Seeks Bailout," "Chessie Inaugurates Sunshine Express," "Rail s Free to Abandon Some Lines,""Rails Propose Rate Making Extension to ICC," "CN Gets Green Light in Cast Takeover Bid," "SP, GTE Announce Sprint Network Sale," "Western Rails Back Car Pool Plan."

Media Monitor June 27, 1983. "Riley Slated for FRA Job, Wheeler Possible Choice for 7th ICC Spot," "Merger of Milwaukee Road, Grand Trunk Chugs Along," "Soros Buys more Chicago Milwaukee Stock," "Conrail Worker's Offer Buy Railroad Highlights Management Worry," "CNW, Soo Get ICC Nod for Offers," "Rock Workers Want Inquiry," "Norfolk Southern on Track, Profitable One Year after Merger," "Northern Tier Quits Suit to Save Pipeline," "NW, Wabash Set Plans to Abandon Omaha Branch," "CNW Gets Basin Project Loan," "USSR Grain Talks Constructive," "House Panel Clears Aid Plan for Rail Pensions," "Canadian Diversions still a Concern in US," "PIK Corn Not Where its Needed," "Derailment wasn't First In Q-C," 

Media Monitor July 6, 1983. "Grand Trunk Expansion Plan," "Sidetracked: Plan Cuts Some Ties between City and the Railroad Named for It," "Milwaukee to Reopen North Iowa Rail Line," "Counties to Get Rail Taxes," "ICC Sets Track Use pay by CNW to MILW," "Chicago Milwaukee Corp Food Service Stars as Nuclear Supply Unit Fizzles," "DOT Will Remain Neutral in Bidding for Rock Track," "CNW Defends Plan to buy Rock Track," "Kan. Firm to Build C&NW Coal Line," "Illinois Solons Back CNW Purchase Bid," "CNW and ICG Push Law Change to Force RTA to Buy Commuter Lines," "Newfangled French Trains Hope to Make in Texas by Moving Fast," "Federal Aid Possible in Rock Island Track Purchase," "Soo Files Complaint on CNW," "Lean CNW Sees Smooth Ride in '83," "CNW, Soo Continue Line Battle," "CN May End Investment in Cast Unit," "CNW Cites Losses if Soo Buys Tracks," "BN Told to Pay for ICG Service," "Canadian Cabinet Mulls CN Takeover of Cast," "B&M Hopes to Tap New Markets," "Truckers Hit DOT Policy," "US Plan to Sell Conrail to Benefit from Forecast of Long-Term Profitability," "Rail Cars Roll Steadily Toward Standardization," "Conrail Tailors it Service to Suit Kellogg," "Kansas City Southern's Hockaday Quits to go to Hallmark Cards," "CNW Granted Pre-hearing meeting on MILW/GT Merger."

Media Monitor July 13, 1983. "CNW Purchase of 720 Miles of RI Track Approved," "Planned NE Rail Gets Green Light," "BN Plans Fast eastbound Portland Chicago Intermodal Train, third morning St. Paul, fourth morning Chicago," "Canadian Rail Volume Decline 8.2%," "Milwaukee Opposes New Crossing," "Two member Crew Speeds SP Service," "Former Rock Employees Ask Investigation," "Rock Island Workers Knock Table Scrap Severance Pay," "Rock Island Workers Seek Federal Probe," "Rock Island Agrees to Sale," "Santa Fe Protests Boxcar Decontrol," "Purchase by CNW of RI Trackage approved by Judge," "Northwestern Gets Rock Island Track," 'Rock Island Sale Approved," "CNW Coal Line Makes Headway," "CNW Takes on New Goliaths," "Iowa Approves Rail Improvement Loans," "NS Restructures Sales, Marketing,"  "Rio Grande Resumes Service," "Contrail Sale, some Questions," "Sale of Conrail Now Appears Attractive," "Hagen Urges Rate Reductions on Boxcar Traffic," "Beatrice May Switch to Piggyback," "$1 Million Plea to Rail Shippers," "Iowa Northern Rolls with More Volume," "Iowa Corn Acreage Down 34%."

Media Monitor July 19, 1983.  "Training Session, Modelers Meet," "Sale of Conrail Now Appears Attractive," "CNW: Delay MILW Purchase,"  "Milwaukee Road Purchase Fulfills Grand Trunk's Dream," "Milwaukee Cleared to Extend Debt Retirement," "Gresham Optimistic on Contrail," "Major Railroads Poised for Transcontinental Mergers," "Caboose, end of the Line?" "BN to Cut Rates on Single Car Barley," "Merger Potential of Western Railroads, in Shadow of Huge Union Pacific Merger," "Railroads Claim Diesel Fuel Tax Unlawful," "Rail Retirement not an Industry Subsidy," "CSX Moves Closer to Intermodalism," "From Mainline to Pipeline," "Shippers Want Total Distribution Service," "Teamsters Offer Plan to Reduce Pay of Union Drivers," "Trucking Decontrol Focus Critiques," "Proposed Barge Tax Boost seen hurting Farm Income," "Taylor Endorses Intermodalism," "USDA May Cut Grain Reserve Storage Fees," "Longshoreman Threaten Strikes," "US Wants Higher Sales in New Soviet Accord," "Teamsters Offer Wider Wage Cuts."

Media Monitor, July 29, 1983. "CNW Bids For Milwaukee's Core WSJ"

Media Monitor August 14, 1983. "A Midwest Rail Merger," "Milwaukee Road: Trimmed Down, Shaping Up," "Milwaukee Road -- Still Sprint-ing Along," "MILW: Railroad Showdown Approaches," "Hearings Begin on Grand Trunk Plan to Acquire Milwaukee," "Milwaukee Road Hearings Begin," "MILW to GTC a Giveaway, Says Study," "Two Groups Compete to Buy Midwest Rail Line," "Save Railroad Depot," "ICC Opens Rail Merger Hearings," "Wirth Must Pay his Bankruptcy Court Attorney," "RTA Mulls Ticket Good on Bus, Train," "CNW Branch Remains Up for Grabs," "Soo Line Eyes Milwaukee," "British Railways to Cut 17,000 More Jobs," "ICC Firm on Ruling for Boxcars," "The Triumphs of a Prairie Populist: Milwaukee Road acquisition," "Conrail Begins Upgrade Project," "Cross-examination in MILW-GTC Acquisition Proceeding," "Soo Line Trims Dividend," "CSX Lays off 1,000," "Shippers Still Steamed Over Railroad Actions," "Moscow Grain Pact Signing Set," "New Uses for Cabooses," "Kansas City Emerges as Nation's Second Busiest Rail Hub," "Bitter Medicine for the Rail Pension Fund," "Reagan Signs Rail Pension Bill," "ICC Paves Way for Rail-owned Truck Firms," "How PIK is Poisoning Farm Policy," "Lost Contract Raises Doubts on Coal Slurry," "Shell Pact is Major Breakthrough for GATX Tank Car," "Grand Truck, N&NW Vie for Bankrupt Rail Line," "ICC Unveils Cost Data for Rails," "CSX Plans 20-state Communications Network,"

Media Monitor, August 29, 1983. "ICC Considers Rail Purchase Plan," "Dane County Asks MILW to Delay Land Sales," "OgilvieTracks Back Pay," "Action on MILW Rail Spur Tabled," "North Western says it would Drop Iowa Line if it Gets Milwaukee," "New Chairman of Santa Fe Using Risky Style of Leadership to Push Company," "Why Not a Coast-to-Coast Rail Line?," "Abandoned Rail Ties Just Keep Piling up," "Tourist RR in Eastern Iowa Dealt Setback," "MILW Reorganization Plan Pays Off," "Milwaukee Road Put Checks in the Mail, but no one there To Accept Them," "Project Smooths the Way for Future Rail Service," "End of the Line for Cabooses," "Piggyback Shipments of Perishables Soar," "ICC: Rails Revenue Inadequate," "Shippers Divided on Rail Decontrol," "Railroad Retirement and Pay for the Fiddler," "Elizabeth Dole, a Political and Bureaucratic Force," "America's RRs Avoid Junkyard, Regain Fast Track," "Rains Cool State; Too Late to Save Crops," "Who is Your Corn Export Competition," "Who Buys Your Corn?"

                                                                                --30 --