Port Townsend Railroad Acquisition    
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company
  Blueprint for Barge Landing at Port Angeles
  Revenue History of  Port Angeles Line
  R.G. Scott Letter to W.J. Quinn 08/12/66
R.F. Kratochwill Letter to Curtis Crippen 06/20/66
Salvage Estimate, Port Angeles Line, 06/17/66
  R.G. Scott Letter re: Barge Slip Lease 06/12/66
  R.G. Scott Letter to W.J. Quinn General Report 05/19/66
  RG Scott Letter to W.J. Quinn, 03/23/66
  F G. McGinn Letter to W.J. Quinn 02/28/66

  Curtis Crippen Letter to  W.J. Quinn 02/09/66
  R.F. Kratochwill Purchase Price Estimate 02/07/66
  Larry Dugan Letter to W.J. Quinn 01/24/66
  L.V. Anderson Letter to W.J. Quinn12/31/65
  Billing Charges Port Townsend RR 12/27/65