The 1927 Advertising Campaign
  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company  

"The Chicago Journal of Commerce commented favorably on the name of the new company, "it indicates the intention of the reorganizers to start with a clean page. Heretofore the railroad has been known in most of its operating territory as the Milwaukee, but in all financial circles it has been 'the St. Paul.' The name "Milwaukee" will be new in financial circles. The associations of the old St. Paul securities will tend to be lost sight of as everybody writes, talks, and thinks "Milwaukee" instead of "St. Paul" ..." Literary Digest, December 11, 1926

The roll out of the "new" identity was a massive advertising campaign during 1927 to establish in the public mind, "The Milwaukee Road."


Yellowstone Park




Montana 2

Yellowstone Park


The Northwest

The Olympic Peninsula

The Dakotas

The Twin Cities

The Pacific Northwest


The Inland Empire

Artist for these ads: Peter Helck

Other Milwaukee ads: George Hacker, Haddon Sundblom, Frederick Tellander, Fred Weizen, Louis Paeth